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Imsyser 120 tabs

What Is Imsyser (Imsyser 120 tabs)?

It is a well-known fact that while certain chemicals can cure many medical conditions, they can also harm the body in various ways. Often when a particular chemical substance is used to help with a troubling condition, the same chemical causes another problem to arise (either immediately or sometime later). The result is that another chemical is required to cure the new ailment and so a visious cycle of dependancy begins. For many years scientists and herbalists have tried to find alternative and/or natural cures for the various problems. Unfortunately most of the so-called “cures” have, for some reason, never made known to the public.

Thus, although a lot of the natural remedies used by traditional healers and mankind’s forefathers really worked, modern man does not even know about them. In the not-too-distant past, no chemicals or artificial substances were used in healing practices. People tried to rely on natural products to heal their various maladies. These natural products included things like plants, roots, insects and honey ect. This reliance on natural healing inspired the creator of Imsyser to study the regenerative effects of many plants, and other natural items. During 2002, he formulated a truly ground breaking 100% natural product. A powerful immune system stabilizer, Imsyser. Imsyser is the first in what will become a omprehensive range of all natural health products.

Sterols and Sterolines


Immune System   Versus   Sterols & Sterolines

  • Sterols and sterolines seem to activate and sensitise the immune system. They do not only stimulate the immune system. If this was the case, they could case autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and psoriasis and worse. This is because these diseases result from an over-active immune system, which wrongly attacks the body tissue.
  • Sterols and sterolines help the body correctly identify self from non-self i.e. they sensitise or balance the immune system.
  • An over-active, non-sensitive system could cause a variety of autoimmune conditions. These diseases cause the immune system to incorrectly attack the body’s ‘healthy’ cells.
  • An under-active, non-sensitive immune system can support illnesses such as colds, flu , Aids and cancer. These illnesses cause the immune system NOT to destroy the deviant or invading cells that it should be destroying. This is the opposite type of problem to that experienced in the ‘autoimmune’ diseases.
  • T-Cells, which are a part of the immune system, and are responsible for recognising infected cells. Once the T-Cells have identified the infected cells, they release chemicals called lymphokines, which attract cytotoxic cells and these cells destroy the infected cells./li>
  • Sterols and sterolines increase the number  of identifier T-Cells, lymphokines  and cytotoxic cells. Thus sterols and sterolines mainly boost the part of the immune system that is responsible for cell identification.
  • Conclusion: Sterols and sterolines do not only boost the immune system by making it more active, but rather ‘sensitises the immune system and thereby assisting the body to identify correctly which cells should be destroyed and which nit. This is what makes sterols and sterolines different than Echinacea, which should only be used for colds and flu.

Tablet Contents

Who Should take Imsyser

Causes of immune system malfunction

Anything that increases cortisone production (one of the stress hormones) including:

  • Immune deficiency diseases (e.g. Aids)
  • Ageing
  • Lack of sleep
  • Cortisone medication(often used by cancer, asthma, psoriasis, arthritis and allergy sufferers
  • Intense exercise (Cortisone is the body’s own anti-inflammatory. It is produced when intense exercise hammers the joints. Therefore athletes often have a cold, especially after a recent intense training programme.
  • Modern man’s diet (This is low in plant material, and high in refined carbohydrates, the wrong type of fat and preservatives)

Amino Acids

Imsyser and the body


Sterols and sterolines provide tremendous health benefits. These substances are found abundantly in hypoxis, one of the main ingredients of Imsyser. The body converts hypoxoside, (one of the sterols in Imsyser) into rooperol, a biologically active compound that has an inhibiting effect on the proliferation of certain cancer cells and HIV-1 (in 1995, the SA Medical Journal identified rooperol as an active anti-cancer component).

Hypoxiside is also helpful to those who suffer from the malfunctioning of the body´s immune system.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera acts as a vehicle for the delivery of nutrients to the body. In 1987 Clinical Review showed that acemannon, a compound found in Aloe vera, seems to have remarkable antiviral properties – even where HIV is concerned. It appears that carrisyn (the commercial name of acemannon patented by Carrington Laboratories) neutralises the Aids virus by transforming its protein envelope, thus preventing it from attaching itself to the T4 cells.

Clinical trials on people living with Aids have shown that acemannon reinforces the body’s immune system, which may slow down the progression of HIV. Aloe is also known to unblock and clean the receptors inside the lining of the intestines, facilitating the absorption of vitamins and other nutrients into the bloodstream. However, while studies have shown that aloe does have numerous benefits, no reputable study or scientist has as yet claimed that aloe will work the same for everybody.

Please note that there is no known method of curing HIV/Aids. Accordingly, Imsyser should not be viewed as a cure, but rather as an option in possibly arresting or slowing down the HI virus. Aloe vera has not been scientifically proven to completely remove HIV from the body. Anyone who claims to have found a natural product that cures HIV / Aids is either misinformed or trying to deceive people intentionally for their own purposes. Nevertheless, Aloe vera provides some hope in the battle against many illnesses, as it definitely helps to strengthen the human immune system.


Oxidation is a chemical reaction that can damage DNA cells, which can sometimes lead to cancer and other diseases. Antioxidants include Vitamin C and E and Aloe vera is one of the most potent sources of these. Rooperol from the hypoxis plant is also a powerful antioxidant. All of the antioxidants in Imsyser effectively neutralise harmful free radicals.


The plant sterols in Imsyser compete for absorption with animal sterols (such as cholesterol), resulting in lower cholesterol absorption. There is also evidence that plant sterols are converted by the body into stanol. Studies show that campestanol can actively lower cholesterol by 15%.


Sterols and sterolines located in the corn of the hypoxis plant act to stabilise and normalise the immune system. Sterols and sterolines have been shown to stimulate T-cell proliferation. T-cells (part of the immune system) are responsible for recognising infected cells. Once the T-cells have identified the infected cells, they release chemicals called lymphokines, which attract cyctotoxic cells that in turn destroy the infected human cells. Thus, sterols and sterolines boost the part of the immune system that is responsible for identifying foreign cells.


It is well known that when an individual’s immune system is low, the condition allows cancer cells to multiply. By enhancing the function of T-cells and the secretion of lymphokines, more of the cancer cells will be attacked and killed. Imsyser can also help to slow down the growth of certain types of cancer tumours. Cancer sufferers also find that it lessens the unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy because it boosts the immune system, which is drastically weakened by these harsh treatments.


Allergies and asthma are caused by an overactive, non-sensitive immune system. The sterols and sterolines in Imsyser help to prevent the body’s immune system from incorrectly attacking the body’s own cells. By sensitising the immune system, they enable it to identify and target foreign cells effectively.

With allergies, the lymphokines secreted by the T-cells promote the B-cells to make certain types of antibodies. Because sterols and sterolines stimulate the secretion of good lymphokines, the symptoms of an allergic state can be alleviated.


Sterols and sterolines decrease the factors that induce tissue inflammation. These include symptoms such as muscular aches, tissue damage and stiffness.


Sterols and sterolines assist in treating rheumatoid arthritis because of their anti-inflammatory properties, as they decrease cytokine secretion in the cynovial fluid. The aloe in Imsyser prevents arthritis and reduces the inflammation in joints that are already affected. It also inhibits the autoimmune reaction associated with certain forms of arthritis, in which the body attacks its own tissue.


In multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus erythematosus, the immune system starts to attack the body by producing antibodies directed at the body’s own cells. These conditions are known to arise in response to an overproduction of lymphokines, which promote the functions of B-cell-making antibodies. If the correct lymphokines could be secreted by the T-cells, one should be able to correct the disease’s process and alleviate the condition. In other words, the sterols and sterolines in Imsyser treat the underlying causes of MS and lupus, and not the symptoms.


Stress is one of biggest killers of modern man. It is an established fact that stress has a detrimental effect on the immune system due to the resulting synthesis and release of hormones such as cortisol. Sterols and sterolines decrease the levels of cortisol in the blood.


Hypoxis stimulates the human immune system by increasing the amount of white blood cells in the body. White blood cells are responsible for killing invading germs and bacteria.


Aloe vera significantly reduces the blood sugar level in diabetics.


Aloe is also known to help unblock and maintain the lining of the intestines. This facilitates the absorption of vitamins and other nutrients into the bloodstream.


We know that, in infections such as HIV, immune suppression is due to the body’s immune system failing to make sufficient lymphokines, which stimulate the activity of cytotoxic T-cells, which in turn fail to divide in response to the invading virus or other opportunistic organisms. Since the sterols and sterolines in Imsyser stimulate both the proliferation of lymphocytes, when these have to respond to invading organisms, as well as the secretion of lymphokines, the immune system can cope better with this unwanted onslaught. In addition, an extract of mannose, one of the sugars in aloe, can inhibit HIV-1 (the virus associated with Aids).



Imsyser is not just for people suffering from illnesses, but can also be used as a beneficial food supplement or as part of a healthy nutritional program.


Imsyser is a 100% natural product with no known side-effects. It enhances the immune system, slows down virus production, may reduce viral load, suppresses the spread of viruses from affected cells to healthy ones, and increases the chance of survival for the infected cells.

Antiretroviral treatment impairs one’s quality of life due to unpleasant and harmful side effects. These drugs may prolong life, but damage the immune-hosting cells that are needed for the correct functioning of the immune system. Many antiretroviral drugs cannot distinguish the difference between healthy and infected cells, thus they simply destroy both. This results in severe side effects that are caused by damage to the immune system


  • Imsyser is a 100% natural product that contains no preservatives or stimulants such as alcohol or caffeine
  • Imsyser is safe for use in adults, children and pregnant women.
  • Imsyser can be used without any other medication.
  • Imsyser has been declared safe for human consumption.


Although Imsyser has no known side effects, a slight headache might occur during the first couple of days due to the detoxification of the body. If this occurs, it may be helpful to take only half the prescribed dose for the first three days and then resume with the normal dose.

Due to the high kilojoule value, sleeplessness may occur, in which case only half the recommended dosage should be taken in the morning and the balance not later than 14H00.


Questions and Answers


There are so many kinds of Anti-Oxidants on the shelves and all seem to work. Why should I choose Imsyser?


Most of the antioxidants that are currently on the market work quite well. But one must remember that the only purpose of antioxidants is to get rid of free radicals in the body. This is a good thing, because free radicals are harmful to the body and certainly not good for your health. However, this ‘cleansing’ process only takes two to four weeks. What happens after that is quite important. Imsyser not only ‘cleans’ the body of free radicals, but also puts back all 10 essential amino acids and all three essential fatty acids (Omega -3, -6 and -9). Figuratively speaking, one must drain the old oil from your vehicle from time to time, but it’s just as important to put new oil back in again. And this is exactly what Imsyser does.


Is Imsyser a medicine ?


To register a product as a medicine is a very expensive exercise. To make any official recognised claims, a product must be put on a ‘trial run’. Done correctly with the right amount of participants, such an undertaking can take anything from two to five years and could easily cost in excess of R5 million. For this reason, the makers of Imsyser are not claiming that the product is a medicine, nor are they claiming that it is a cure. Instead Imsyser is classified as a ‘food supplement.


What does “essential” mean?


Essential means that your body can’t “produce” or “manufacture” this type of “food” although it is vital for a healthy living. So you have to supplement it.

There are two reasons why people don’t get these essentials in their daily food intake:  1: Modern people just don’t eat a balanced diet any more; 2: Even if people do enjoy a balanced diet, the food is often manipulated with chemicals – so a great deal of its nutritional value is lost.


Are the plants and herbs used in Imsyser also treated with chemicals?



All plants are indigenous South African field plants and are for the most part harvested in the field. We do grow some plants ourselves to ensure availability. We take good care though that these plants are not fertilized or treated with any chemicals. Therefore some of these plants may take up to eight years to reach maturity.


Is Imsyser an Immunity Booster?


No. – Imsyser is not an Immunity Booster but rather an Immune System Stabiliser or Sensitizer. Imsyser brings an under or over active immune system back to normal.


Can my immune system become over active if I use an Immunity Booster?


Yes – But Imsyser IS NOT an Immunity Booster. An over effective immune system is responsible for conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, SLE (lupus), Psoriasis, Allergies, asthma, etc. That´s why one can´t just presume that an Immunity Booster will aid in fighting a certain condition when in fact it actually makes these conditions even worse.>/p>


Is Imsyser a vitamin supplement?


Although Imsyser contains 11 vitamins, it is not classified as a vitamin supplement because the vitamins it contains don´t occur in very high concentrations. But Imsyser´s other beneficial properties (such as the provision of 10 essential amino acids and all 3 essential fatty acids) mean that it is far more than a simple vitamin supplement.


Can I replace any of my medication with Imsyser?



No. – First off, Imsyser is not a medicine. It is a food supplement. DO NOT stop using any prescribed medicines when taking Imsyser. The product is perfectly safe to use with any other medication and one may even find that Imsyser can suppress most of the bad side-effects caused by some medications, like those used in chemotherapy for instance. In fact, Imsyser is so safe that even children and pregnant women can use it without any fear of side-effects.



Does Imsyser have any side-effects?



No. – Because Imsyser has quite strong antioxidant values, one might experience a slight headache or excessive sweat production during the first 3 days. No other side-effects have ever been reported.



What if Imsyser doesn´t help for my condition?



Even if the success ratio of Imsyser is very high, we do believe that, in some cases, too much damage has already been done to the body and therefore Imsyser will not be able to assist in turning the condition around. Also keep in mind that Imsyser is not a medicine or a quick cure. Instead, the product aids the body to heal itself by supplying the correct ‘food’ it needs to produce fighter cells that attend to biological malfunctions. Imsyser not only supplies essential amino acids and fatty acids, but also many beneficial, non-essential substances as well. Even if Imsyser may not help for a particular condition, we believe that it will result in a general feeling of wellbeing because it stimulates the immune system and also assists in preventing other problematic conditions caused by the improper functioning of the immune system.



For how long should I use Imsyser?



Because the benefits are ongoing, one should continue taking Imsyser indefinitely. Imsyser does not only detoxify the body by getting rid of free radicals, but also supplies amino acids and Omega 3, 6 and 9 Fatty Acids that most modern diets fail to provide. The longer one uses Imsyser, the better the chances of maintaining optimum health.



Is it possible to overdose with Imsyser?



No. Imsyser contains no harmful chemicals, stimulants, colorants, preservatives or even herbal extracts. As Imsyser is a “food supplement” that contains only what you are supposed to get in a healthy diet, it is perfectly safe to use, even in huge quantities. Some people, especially those that suffer from cancer and HIV/AIDS, have reported using up to 12 tablets a day with no known side-effect



To whom it may concern

I am a type 1 Insulin dependant Diabetic and every morning I had to use 32 units of insulin. The blood circulation in my feet and legs was so bad that I permanently experienced a dead feeling from my feet to my knees. As a result of my diabetic condition, I have also lost the sight in my right eye. At one stage I developed a septic wound on my one foot, which almost caused me to lose it. I also experienced extreme fatigue. It felt like I didn’t get enough rest though I was sleeping quite a lot. I literally went to bed exhausted only to wake up tired again.

For the last two months now I’ve been using Imsyser and must admit there’s been a very big change in my condition. My insulin intake dropped by approximately 6-8 units. The blood circulation in my legs got better – so much so that I only sometimes experience a dead feeling and then only in my feet. I never experience the same extreme fatigue anymore. Instead I now have lots of energy to get me through each day!

I wholeheartedly recommend Imsyser to anybody who is experiencing any of the same symptoms I did.


3 May 2002



As social worker in private practice I focus on the treatment of drug dependency. For five years I looked unsuccessfully for an affordable substance with which to treat my patients – a substance which would strengthen their immune systems, detoxify them and at the same time restore their energy levels.

Then, in April 2002 I started to use Imsyser in my practice. I use the product myself with great results and my patients testify that there has been a huge increase in their general health as well! So much so that I now put all my new patients on this treatment!

I treat approximately ten to twenty new patients each month. Furthermore I am also one of the directors of Act-up Support, an organization with 1500 members that supports families countrywide that have members who abuse drugs. I am also planning to target this market. My thoughts are that Imsyser should be directly coupled with the treatment of drug withdrawal symptoms as well as in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. To date there is no health product or food supplement on the market that has been identified in the field of substance dependency.

Any person who reads this letter and wishes to contact me for any further information and/or verification, may do so.


>p> Social worker in private practice



23 January 2002

To Whom It May Concern:

I have used Imsyser for over a year now.

My son, Jeandre, struggled a lot in grade one with his spelling. I was quite frustrated with his terrible marks and the doctor recommended that we put him on Ritalin. I then started to treat him with one Imsyser tablet daily, as I did not want to put him on any chemical treatment if it was not absolutely necessary. His spelling (and all his other school work) improved immediately. His teacher was ecstatic because suddenly he was a totally different child. His attitude was so much more positive! She now introduces Imsyser to quite a number of parents. Jeandre is now in Grade Two and is still using Imsyser with great success. I never did put my child on Ritalin, thank goodness.

On a personal level, I experienced a great increase in my energy levels when I started to use Imsyser. For the first time in eight years I sleep soundly the whole night long (every night!) and when I wake up I feel well rested and I’m instantly alert and ready to begin another day. That alone is quite a big miracle for me!

I also experience much fewer cold and flu infections. My immune system has improved drastically and I quickly realised that I have much more energy to get through a full day. I can focus on my work now and can handle stress much better than I could in the past.

And best of all, I lost my craving for sweets!

I just can´t keep quiet about Imsyser and I recommend it to all who cross my path.

Thanks so much.



25 APRIL 2002

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been using Imsyser for three months. Wow, what a product!

My menstrual pains are gone. My twelve-year-old son who had a problem with wetting the bed stopped doing so on the first evening he used this product. He has never wet the bed again since then.

Imsyser is really working wonders. It makes me feel like a winner and also gives me lots or energy.

It is my belief that everybody has to know about this product.


Joocobeth Seanokeng Motshoane


To Whom It May Concern.

I am a teacher at the Charis Christian School. Last year I had quite a number of children who suffered from Attention Deficit problems and emotional outbursts in class. For some of these children I didn’t have much hope because their concentration levels were almost zero. Even my own son, who is 12 years old, was suffering with Attention Deficit Disorder to such an extent that he brought home more than half of his work everyday.

I found out about Imsyser and immediately started to give my son 2 capsules a day. I spoke to the other children’s parents and they also started with the program once they heard that it is safe and 100% natural. The difference was noticed almost immediately. My own son almost never brings work back from school as his understanding has improved so much that he is now able to complete his work within the time given at school. The same thing happened to all the other children that started to use Imsyser. I also understand that some of these children were taking Ritalin on prescription. The wonderful thing is that now that they have started to take Imsyser, they don’t have to take Ritalin anymore. All their concentration levels returned to normal and, thanks to Imsyser, there are no more outbursts.

In December 2002, I was infected with Jaundice (Hepatitis A) and was hospitalised and had to have 2 operations. I started to take Imsyser a day after I was sent home and the results were amazing. After only one day, I had much more energy and strength. It normally takes about 2 months to fully recover from this illness, but it only took me about 3 weeks. I was back at school on the very first day of the new term.

I recommend Imsyser to all, even to those who are a healthy. My son does swimming as a sport and he never misses a single day thanks to Imsyser. Even though he is only twelve, he can feel the difference in his strength and endurance and his results in the water have improved greatly.

Thanks for a wonderful product that really works wonders and yes, I do believe that everybody out there should use it.

Marina Swanepoel



16 September 2002

Dear Carol

I am a 38-year old female. I have been diagnosed with Lupus.

I was suffering rather badly with serious hair loss, a lot of pain in my joints and waking up very tired. I also have a rather pressurised job and found that I was very stressed and due to this, seldom got a good night’s sleep.

I decided to try Imsyser. In the first month – because I felt so run down, I took six capsules everyday. From the second month I started taking three capsules per day. I felt a difference in about the third week.

My hair loss stopped completely. I sleep a lot sounder and wake up feeling refreshed. Most importantly, I have had no pain in my joints.

I have never gone through a winter without having a cold – but this year was my first.

My colleagues and family have seen a marked difference in my whole attitude towards life. I feel like I have taken control over this disease, and I’m getting on with life.

This is a brilliant product and I am very grateful for it.


Pauline May

27th  May 2002

Dear Sir

The last five years I’ve been under medical treatment for a thyroid gland that’s under active and I was using the product ELTROXIN as a chronic treatment.

I started using Imsyser about one month ago and since then I’ve lost 5 kg. I also felt a huge improvement in my energy levels and quality of life and I am able to do my daily duties with an ease that wasn’t possible just a few short weeks ago!

And just for the record, during the period that I have been using Imsyser, I haven’t changed my eating habits at all.

Thanks so much for a wonderful product.

Ms Z.M. Smuts.

(Ref. Jath VD Westhuizen)

November 2002

To whom it may concern

I suffered from terrible headaches and the only thing I used to treat the problem was headache powder – and then I would have to deal with all the terrible side effects. From the very first day I started to use Imsyser my headaches vanished!

I also had a hysterectomy after I started to use Imsyser and my doctor was amazed, as my recovery was extremely fast. I went home on the second day after the op!

My sixteen-year-old daughter suffers from terrible menstrual pains and also has a very bad skin. She also benefits from Imsyser and the improvement in her skin is noticeable.



Jean VD Linde

Ida’s mother is 81 years old and has cancer. After chemo she was ill for almost a year and her blood count dropped so low that the doctor wouldn’t let her go onto the chemo again. On her doctor’s advice, she started to take Imsyser. The results were astounding and within three days her blood count had normalised to such an extent that she was able to resume chemotherapy immediately.

Jolanda Nel is a 24-year-old female who was diagnosed with cancer. She was so sick as a result of the chemo and her blood count was a mess. Three weeks after she started to take Imsyser, her blood counts returned to normal. Her heart rate went down from over 150 beats per minute to below 120 in just 2 days and she now has enjoys a full, normal day (as opposed to only being able to get out of bed in the late morning). After taking Imsyser she began a training program, “ because [she] has so much energy now and feels so healthy!” She now does 10km every day on a training bicycle!

When Jolanda ran out of Imsyser for about three days she claims all the sickness symptoms returned. They disappeared again after she went back onto Imsyser.


For 18 years I suffered from a debilitating disease, which almost completely destroyed all my dreams as well as my career bit by bit. Doctors in vain tried to diagnose the illness. After 18 years of extremely excruciating pain and suffering I got to a Doctor who was able, with the help of a computer program, to diagnose Rickettsia, a strain of Tick fever, together with Epstein Barr and Coxackie. At last the illness had a name. Until then I had been using various Arthritis and pain relieving medicines. I was then, with great scepticism, introduced to IMSYSER. In desperation I started to use it regularly.

A few months after I started using IMSYSER, my energy levels improved and my pain levels decreased. At the moment I am able to get jobs done that should have been done years ago. I do realise my limitations due to my age (53), but thank the Lord that I discovered a product like IMSYSER, as I have been able to stop the use of my dangerous chemical medicine and pain relieving concoctions.

Due to the nature of IMSYSER, it helps to boost the natural immune system, thereby helping the body to heal itself instead of using expensive chemical, often very harmful, junk medicines.

May IMSYSER go from strength to strength!

Yours truly

Prof Zielske

What IMSYSER did for me (9/06/2004)

I started to use IMSYSER approximately two years ago.

I used to experience rather bad sinusitis problems but with the use of IMSYSER the problem completely vanished. I also find that I have much more energy to get me through the day. My husband also uses IMSYSER and he finds that his metabolism is much faster than it used to be.

I also powdered the tablet and mixed it with honey to give to my youngest son who is 6 years old. It has definitely helped him with his allergies.

Yvonne Prinsloo

25 August 2004

To whom it may concern

I am 42 years old and was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2002. The treatment was prescribed consisted of eight courses of chemo therapy. I started using Imsyser 120 tabs with my first course of chemo. During this first treatment I suffered with bad migraine for the first three days. With all the treatments that followed I only experienced these migraines on my first three days. I am convinced that this was a result of the anti toxin process that was taking place in my body.

Through the entire course of the treatment I was never tired although I was warned that I would be. In fact at times I had actually more energy than I normally do.

Although I’m anemic and chemo is known to drastically effect red and white blood cells, my red blood cells kept on rising and the white cells never dropped too low and recovered remarkably quickly after treatment.

My medical team was amazed at how my body was reacting to the treatment and found it most unusual.

During my treatment I took no other vitamins or medication other than two IMSYSER capsules three times a day. My medical team and I discussed my results after every treatment at length and I am convinced that IMSYSER assisted me greatly in getting through this traumatic time.

Your sincerely

Reneé Arlow

2 February 2005

To whom it may concern

I was taking the generic Prozac and taking up to 40 tranquilisers per day for about 2 months. I was also abusing Grandpa¹s for 8 years, taking 20-30 on a daily based average. I started with tranquillisers about July2004. A prescription for a month would only last for about 3 days. At that stage I weighed 39 kg, I could not sleep and eat, was physically weak, had cold sores and fewer blisters. I was continuously sick and would get flu easily. My emotional state was in a terrible condition.

I have been underweight all my life. Previously doctors said I was a borderline Anorexic.

Then I started with Imsyser 120 tabs during November 2004. Within the first 3 weeks I picked up about 10 kg. Since then I have gained another 8 kg. I started sleeping without taking any tablets. Since then I have not taken any other substance. The change in me was literally day by day.

Since taking IMSYSER I had no withdrawal symptoms at all. The pharmacist could not believe his own eyes when he saw my remarkable improvement. The prescribed medication to withdraw me from these highly addictive substances was not needed. The chemist that he has never seen something like this ever in his life before. He actually strongly recommended that I be admitted into hospital. Against his advice I did it at home with IMSYSER.

Also I gave some to my domestic lady who complained about sinusitis for the past 2 years. Her condition was so bad; it actually caused a rotten smell. She was sniffing the whole time. However, she also took IMSYSER. Her sense so smell returned after 3 days. The rotten smell also disappeared. Since then her condition is fine.

I would definitely recommend this product to any other person who suffers from similar conditions.

I so strongly believe in Imsyser 120 tabs. I believe that I am fully prepared to endorse it. If anyone needs more details or confirmation they can contact Jath v/d Westhuizen, Gauteng distributor and he will forward my number to anyone.

Ilona Vermeulen

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    Wow this imsyser is very good I use it for 2years and never get sick I’m full of energy try this produce you will see
    Thank. You marlun

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