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The safe, fast and economical way to cleanse your veins and arteries.

Do you experience any of these conditions?.

  • Hands, arms or legs feel cold or go to sleep?
  • Do your legs get aches or pains on short walks?
  • On slight exertion, do you get breathless?
  • Is your memory worse than it used to be?
  • Are you lacking the energy you once had?
  • Test results indicate cardiovascular problems?


Listen To Your Body – Cardio Renew can help….

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you may have warning signs of arterial blockage. Your body is telling you that it is time to make a change and renew your health. You could be experiencing one of the following conditions:

  • Angina Symptoms
  • Arterial Plaque Buildup
  • Arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries)
  • Calcium Deposits
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Carotid Artery Blockage
  • Diabetes
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • High Blood Pressure / Hypertension
  • High Cholesterol
  • Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (Osteoarthritis)
  • or others… ?

Alterial Plaque Build Up

Learn how chelation therapy can help these conditions.

Chelation Therapy Information > What is EDTA Chelation Therapy?

Chelation (pronounced key-LAY-shun) is the use of EDTA to bind molecules, such as metals or minerals, and chelate, or remove, them from the body.

EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid, also known as edetic acid or tetra acetic acid) is a synthetic amino acid having a molecular weight of 292.25 and a molecule formula of C10H16N2O8 . EDTA chelation therapy is approved by the FDA for the treatment of lead poisoning and other metal toxicities when used intravenously, and a number of studies have found it also effective in treating blood vessel diseases, improving blood flow to the heart, legs and brain. Interestingly, the U.S. Navy administered EDTA orally to thousands of sailors in the 1940’s to help combat lead toxicity. Today it is also used as an antioxidant in foods, as a chelating agent in many pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals, and as an anticoagulant for blood taken for hematological investigations.

EDTA Chelation can be administered via an IV Drip, and usually takes three hours to complete a session. Normally, 30 sessions are standard for IV chelation therapy. EDTA Chelation is also available in the form of a suppository, pills & capsules and liquid chelation.

Generally, most chelators are considered to be removers of heavy metals toxicity. EDTA is the only chelator that has been used over the last 50 years to also reverse the effects of arterial plaque, thus preventing further strokes, and/or heart attacks. This is due to how the EDTA IV is either mixed in the doctor’s office, or manufactured as a chelation pill, suppository or liquid. The key importance is that NO calcium is mixed with the EDTA. Why, because you want the EDTA to remove calcium from the plaque located in the arteries and veins, and also in the tissues where is does not belong. EDTA does not remove the bound calcium in teeth and bones, only metastatic calcium or pathologic calcium causing damage to the body. If calcium is already mixed with the EDTA, then those EDTA molecules will not remove calcium as needed. In such cases, that EDTA becomes as any other chelators, removing only heavy metals.

EDTA chelation therapy can sometimes be hard on your body’s mineral store. Some type of analysis can be done prior to receiving heavy metal chelation therapy. Determination of your mineral status can help your health provider suggest a proper mineral replacement protocol for you. An efficient test is a hair analysis, it is inexpensive and easy to take. A more elaborate analysis is an Erythrocyte Mineral Analysis. This tests for the amount of minerals that are actually present inside the Red Blood Cells. It is a much more expensive test, but can provide more accurate results.

History of Chelation and EDTA

The father of modern biochemistry was the French-Swiss chemist, Alfred Werner; who in 1893 developed the theory of coordination compounds, today referred to as chelates. For this turning point in reclassifying inorganic chemical compounds, Werner received the Nobel Prize in 1913. He went on to create accounting for the process by which metals bind to organic molecules, which is the basis for chelation chemistry.

Industrial Production of EDTA Chelation

The first applications of Werner’s monumental discovery were in the field of industrial production. Starting in the 1920’s, many new materials such as paints were introduced, and in their manufacturing the elimination of heavy metal contamination was crucial. Citric acid was found to be helpful, but in the mid 1930’s Germany was motivated to develop its own chelating material and not be dependent on importing citric acid. The synthetic substance they invented was EDTA (Ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetate). While creating EDTA for their own use, the Germans manufactured so much and the product gained such a reputation that they began selling it on the global market for industrial use.

Medical Applications of EDTA Chelation

Medical applications were not yet being considered for EDTA, but with war approaching military workers were afraid of poison gas being used, and they searched for antidotes. England especially had experienced poison gas in World War I, and at Oxford University researchers invented their own chelating substance to diminish the effects of exposure to poison gas.

After World War II the new threat was atomic warfare, and the United States of America began producing and stockpiling large quantities of EDTA, which was recognized as more effective than the British chelation material.

While this manufacturing of EDTA for protection against radioactive fallout was going on, no one paid attention to the first medical application in real life that had been carried out in 1947 by Dr. Charles Geschickter at the Georgetown University Medical Center. A patient undergoing chemotherapy had accumulated toxic nickel complexes in her system. In trying to save her, Dr. Geschickter thought of EDTA as the only thing that could work, and he successfully used it. This did not however lead to widespread use.

EDTA Chelation for Lead Poisoning

In the 1950’s EDTA was tried with equal success in curing people with lead poisoning who were working in a battery plant and the U.S. Navy used it on people who had acquired lead poisoning in repainting old ships. In both of these applications, not only did EDTA eliminate the poisoning, but also the patients were relieved of arteriosclerosis, chest pains, arthritis, memory loss, inability to concentrate, etc. Hearing of these cures, heart specialists at Wayne State University used EDTA on a group of patients that were believed to have incurable conditions – even the most seriously ill of the group were restored to near normalcy. From the 1950’s on, many doctors continued, with conference based on their experience, to utilize chelation therapy in a wide variety of medical applications with great success.

Published articles regarding successful treatment of arteriosclerosis with EDTA and Chelation began appearing in medical journals in 1955, and many more since then. In 1973, the American Academy of Medical Preventics was formed to educate physician and promote the utilization of EDTA chelation therapy in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. This organization was renamed the American Academy of the Advancement of Medicine in 1986. In 1983, the formation of the American Board of Chelation Therapy was formed to set parameters for the education and testing of physicians for competence in the administration of EDTA chelation.

FDA Approvals of Chelation and EDTA

Chelation and EDTA, while absolutely legal, are limited in advertising claims for treatment of lead poisoning, hypercalcaemia, and ventricular fibrillation secondary to digitalis toxicity. The FDA has not approved claims for conditions other than these. Dr. Ray Evers, however, in 1978 won a precedent case regarding a physician’s legal use of a drug approved by the FDA for a specific condition, may be used for another condition for which it has not been approved.

EDTA and Chelation for Alternative Medicine

Many non-alternative doctors have since enjoyed and employed the benefits of this ruling in the distribution of their prescription drugs. The American Medical Association, while not yet endorsing EDTA chelation therapy for arteriosclerosis, does approve its use in the treatment of lead and other heavy metal poisoning. It is most unfortunate that the EDTA patent expired in 1969, resulting in the loss of interest in research by major drug companies.

Patients who use EDTA chelation therapy are those who have heart disease, a family history of heart disease, or heavy metal toxicity. Fully half of the bypass operations performed in the United States are unnecessary. A decade of scientific study has shown that except in certain well-defined situations, bypass surgery does not save lives or even prevent heart attacks. Among patients who suffer from coronary-artery disease, those who are treated without surgery enjoy the same survival rates as those who undergo open-heart surgery. MD Magazine, Feb. 1995.

Many diabetics and macular degeneration patients believe using chelation helps increase peripheral circulation. Chelation is also frequently used and found beneficial in the treatment of osteoarthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, organic poisoning, and heavy metal reduction.

One of the greatest attractions of EDTA chelation therapy is that it is very safe. There are very few medical procedures that can report, as can oral chelation, no fatalities at all. Every year, in contrast, prescribed drugs, hospital accidents and mistakes result in many deaths. By now, modern medicine has the benefit of a long history of chelation in heavy application, and those who specialize in it are sure of what it can do and the very best ways of using it.

Following the guidelines of the American College of Advancement of Medicine (ACAM), estimates are at least 500,000 patients have received over 10,000,000 EDTA chelation treatments without a single fatality attributed to EDTA. This cannot be said about surgical procedures or even taking aspirin.

EDTA Chelation Therapy

Chelation therapy is the removal of toxic heavy metals and mineral deposits in the body. Chelators are traditionally given to people who have some sort of heavy metal poisoning, although more and more doctors today are turning to chelation therapy to help heart patients stay healthy. Chelators can be used to reverse the effects of arterial blockage caused by plaque in the time before surgery, after surgery, or in between surgeries.

Forms of EDTA for chelation

The chelator used for heart health is ethylene diamine tetra-acetate acid, or EDTA. EDTA comes in many forms such as IV drip, suppository, pill or liquid. Since EDTA is used to remove excessive, unbound minerals in the body, it can remove calcium from the plaque in the arteries, aiding in the reversal of the effects of blockage, which inhibits the flow of blood from the heart to the organs and muscles.

Many of the forms of EDTA can be prohibitively expensive or take a long time to become effective. EDTA. IV chelation requires that patients attend 30 to 50 sessions over six months. Each of these sessions is at least three hours long and quite expensive ($100-$150 per session). EDTA in suppository form is normally administered 3 times per week, but can also be cost prohibitive. The suppository therapy takes over six months to complete. Chelation pills are less expensive, but when considering the absorption rate that pills provide (5-18%), the time it takes for the chelation process to effectively work, far out ways the cost savings.

Oral Chelation Treatments

Luckily, EDTA is now available in easy to use oral form, also known as liquid chelation . EDTA can come in chelation pills or liquid chelation form and these forms are considerably cheaper than the aforementioned IV chelation options. EDTA pills do have a drawback though, as the body can likely pass some of the pills completely through its system without absorbing the EDTA. On average, only ten percent of these pills are absorbed by the body, which can result in ineffective treatment and further expense on more pills.

With liquid oral chelation , though, the EDTA solution is mixed into the patient’s drinking water and can be taken several times a day. Liquid EDTA chelation treatment is much less expensive than suppository or IV treatments and is absorbed easier than EDTA in pill form. And unlike EDTA chelation treatments involving IV drip or suppository, which can last around six months, liquid EDTA chelation therapy takes only six weeks to take effect.

Benefits of EDTA Chelation Therapy

Cardio Renew is 100% pure liquid EDTA that will chelate calcium as well as other minerals and heavy metals out of your body resulting in clean arteries. By cleansing the veins and arteries, this increases blood flow. Blood provides your body (tissues, organs, nerves, etc.) with oxygen and nutrients. If your blood flow is restricted due to blockage, your body is not receiving the proper nourishment, which causes poor health conditions. Now, if you reduce the blockage and increase circulation, your body receives the proper blood rich in oxygen and nutrients which can allow it to recuperate, regenerate and operate normally once again.

See how Oral Liquid EDTA is effective.

Oral EDTA Chelation Effectiveness

Preventing Cardiovascular Disease with Chelation Therapy

The corrosion of your cardiovascular system is a slow process that may generally go unnoticed for years. A CVD prevention program should include improvements to your diet, some daily exercise and nutritional supplements that will not only improve your overall health but also clean out your veins and arteries through EDTA chelation.

EDTA chelation therapy grabs a number of unwanted substances that can cause LDL Cholesterol plaque build up and free radical damage from the cardiovascular system, renders them harmless, and prepares them for excretion through the urine. Oral Chelation is a natural process of roto-rootering the cardiovascular system, helping the body cleanse the arteries and veins, as well as detoxify the liver and kidneys. Learn more about chelation therapy for the heart.

Oral Assimilation of EDTA

Assimilation of EDTA is effective when taken via intravenous chelation or oral chelation. When taken orally, EDTA, like other amino acids of similar molecular weight, passes through the stomach unaffected where it is then absorbed directly through the epithelium cells of the duodenum. EDTA has been incorrectly referenced by some who apparently do not understand that the biochemistry and assimilation of proteins (made from chains of amino acids) and unattached Free Form Amino Acids all occurs in the duodenum, being unaffected by the stomach and the gastric juices.

Often misunderstood is the fact that stomach acidity has nothing whatsoever to do with the digestion of proteins, which all takes place via enzymatic reaction later in the duodenum, and that orally consumed Free Form Amino Acids are likewise not affected. In fact, the pH of the stomach when secreting HCL is generally around 3.0 (note: EDTA in solution may exhibit a pH of 4.0 all on its own), which has absolutely no affect on the molecular bonds of Free Form Amino Acids (including EDTA) and thus, cannot and will not destroy them.

All Free Form Amino Acids, including oral liquid EDTA, need no digestive process to enter the bloodstream. They are already small enough molecules to enter the bloodstream immediately; and that’s why they are used so effectively in I.V. parenteral solutions. Thus all Free Form Amino Acids, including liquid EDTA, will pass unharmed and unchanged into the duodenum where they then are directly assimilated into the bloodstream. Again, EDTA will not, as mistakenly alleged by some, be destroyed by stomach acids.

EDTA Chelation Therapy can help improve energy levels, memory and normalize blood pressure & cholesterol levels, along with many more health benefits.

What can you do?

To start, a proper diet and exercise routine are vital for a healthy body. Unfortunately, those changes alone cannot solve your problem. However, a healthy diet and exercise program, along with a safe and effective chelation therapy program can. Chelation (pronounced key-LAY-shun) is the use of EDTA to bind molecules, such as metals or minerals, and chelate, or remove, them from the body.

Liquid EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetra-acetic Acid) is absorbed into the bloodstream within minutes. It then begins to chelate toxic and heavy metals, along with excessive mineral deposits. When metals and minerals remain in the bloodstream, they accumulate and harden, causing poor circulation. By cleansing the body’s arteries and veins, the blood flow is increased.

Blood supplies nutrients and oxygen to all critical body areas (organs, muscles, tissues and nerves). EDTA chelation therapy provides your body with the proper blood flow rich in oxygen and nutrients, allowing it to recuperate, regenerate and function normally once again.

Why Cardio Renew for EDTA Chelation Therapy?

Unlike other oral chelation therapies, Cardio Renew only offers a 100% liquid EDTA oral chelation product. Oral liquid chelation therapy can provide you the time advantage of a fast and high absorption rate that quickly starts cleansing your entire cardiovascular system.

EDTA is the foundation of all effective chelation treatments. While other herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids may help contribute to a healthy cardiovascular system, it is always the EDTA that makes any chelation process successful. See how Oral Liquid EDTA is effective.

This is why Cardio Renew offers a pure 100% liquid EDTA product: to provide you the most effective oral chelation therapy available. And because Cardio Renew contains only liquid EDTA; buffers, fillers or other ingredients will not interfere with the bioavailability, which increases the absorption rate and enhances the effectiveness of the EDTA chelation process.

What’s the next step?

Make changes that include our 6 week oral chelation program.

Within our website, we at Cardio Renew have provided comprehensive and complete information on EDTA chelation therapy. To learn more about our products, visit our Product Information page. Other pages, including EDTA Effectiveness, Compare Chelation Methods and our Frequently Asked Questions provide additional information so that you can make an informed decision. We also encourage you to read our Customer Testimonials and see how Cardio Renew has helped improve their health and quality of life.

One additional important note – at Cardio Renew, we truly believe that our liquid oral chelation programs can help with a variety of health conditions – it’s that easy and straightforward!

It’s time to make a change, renew your health and enjoy life – Order Cardio Renew today!


EDTA Chelation Therapy Testimonials

Experiences directly from our Customers

Donals R.

I just completed the 6 week course. I walk every morning. At the same time I started my course of cardio renew I started running briefly on my tread mill. I had chest pressure for about 8 months nothing I did help me…. I even went to the hospital they couldn’t help me. So 3 weeks into the program I felt great…. I feel normal again. I haven’t felt normal in over one year…… I am an over weight diabetic…….. I will be doing maintenance program in couple weeks…. Thank you

Christine J.

I just returned from the doctor after taking this product for two months. I am 58 and for 3 years I’ve had a partialy blocked carotoid left artery and blood pressure hovering between 130 and 150/90. The doctor recently ordered a MRI and MRA which showed NO blockage and my blood pressure was 116/70!! The ONLY thing I’ve been doing differently is taking the EDTA. Also, the tingling and numbness in my toes has nearly disappeared. Thanks for a great product worth every penny!

Dan H. MD

Yes, I wrote two months ago. I had a 5x elevated aluminum excretion in a 24 hour urine collection for heavy metals. I used your program for a little over five weeks, and a week later repeated the 24 hour urine. I lowered my aluminum to normal range. The 24 hour excretion before Cardiorenew was 160 micrograms; after Cardiorenew, 26 micrograms in 24 hours. Thank you!!

Wanda B.

I was diagnosed with PAD and was finding it more and more difficult to walk and was sure I was headed towards a wheel chair. I’ve been on Cardio Renew for 3 1/2 weeks now and find this stuff nothing short of a miracle. I can WALK!!!!!! My legs are not yet 100% but I’m sure they will be soon. I’ve managed to avoid the procedures that the doctors wanted to do on me. None of them made any sense to me. They wouldn’t solve the problem and only temporarily relieve the symptoms, maybe. If my femoral arteries were clogged then surely other arteries must be clogged. This EDTA cleanses my whole body and not just a part. I am so grateful for this product and I feel blessed that I found my way to your website. Thank you! Thank you!

Earl M.

I have been using Cardio Renew for two years after two by-pass operations and just got a clearance from my heart doctor that I will not need a third by-pass. My heart is strong as a 30 year old and I am 68. My arthritis is gone and my hair is growing back fast. It seems that cleaning out all my arteries has given my body a chance to regenerate all organs. As a retired fraud investigator, your product is what it says. I could go on about all the benefits I have received but it would be too long of a letter. I have documentation on what it has done in all areas of my body. I strongly recommend your product to everyone even my doctors who are specialists. I am now using it for AMD, the dry type and if it did for my heart it should unplug the veins in my eye. My eye doctor told me keep using it because their is no cure for it. Thanks for all the information you have on your site so others can get it.

Evan R.

After going through the basic program twice and then the maintenance for a few months, I, just yesterday, completed an entire physical and a complete cardio testing including echocardiograms, EKGs and the dreaded treadmill. Results were extradorinary. My calcified aortic valve, that had a year replacement timeframe, is clear and working fine. Carotid ateries are clear. My five obstructions have disappeared. All my bloodwork came back right on the mark. My MD and cardiologist were elated and the cardiologist said You just can’t argue with proven results.

C. L.

I did IV chelation for over a year in 1999-2000. Subsequently, I wasn’t able to afford it again for a while, and by the time seven years had passed, I was again finding it extremely difficult to walk for 20 minutes a day. I didn’t trust oral chelation because my IV chelation doctor said it wasn’t effective, but she retired during that seven years and I wasn’t able to find another IV clinic close enough to where I live, so I looked into oral chelation on the web and found Cardiorenew. It sounded like it would be more effective than the other oral chelations, and the testimonials were also solid. So I decided to try their six week program. The first thing I noticed was the simplicity of this product: a few drops in water instead of 2-3 hour with an IV drip. Then I began to notice the same kinds of detox symptoms as I had gone through with the IV chelation, though milder (which seemed reasonable to me because the IV therapy had been for 50 years of build-up in my veins, not just seven!) so this was actually encouraging to me: I knew it was working! By the last week, the detox signs had reduced to almost nothing, I could walk easily again, and my energy had returned as well. I decided that I didn’t need to do a second six weeks. I am going to do this six week program every year from now on, because it was so effective for me. Another thing in my experience that may be important to some people: I am chemically sensitive as the result of a pesticide exposure. There are many substances that I can’t tolerate (petrochemicals, preservatives, perfumes, etc.), so I was a little worried about Cardiorenew simply because every new product of any kind is always risky for me. The people at Cardiorenew were fantastic about patiently providing me with the information I needed to put most of my fears to rest. And I want to state here that there were never any problems with reactivity. You will have, and should hope for, signs of detoxification – some of which are unpleasant – but there is nothing in Cardiorenew that caused me any allergic response or chemical reactivity.

Bernie H.

12 Years ago I had 2 major heart attacks in a 6 month period, since that time I’ve had artery blockages in my legs 3 times, which required major surgeries. Recently I have been suffering daily severe chest pains and breathing problems. I started your basic Cardio Renew program on August 30, 2008, and am 3 weeks into the program. NO MORE CHEST PAINS AT ALL, my breathing has gotten 200% better and I am feeling much better. I am able to do some work around the house and go out shopping, This is a first in about a year. I am also a diabetic, with severe foot and hand pains and numbness. I have just about elimanated the pains and the numbness is gone. I can’t wait to finish the next 3 weeks of the program, to see how I feel then. All of my doctors have poo pooed the EDTA program. Shame on them. Thank you for this life saving product

Sharon H. B.

I am a 55 year old woman who has taken many steps to retain & improve my health for decades, including regular exercise, weight control, top research & dietary supplements & advanced chiropractic care. I almost always feel well & rarely have symptoms of illness & yet a routine Carotid (veins in the neck leading to the brain) ultrasound test, Feb. 2007, revealed I had 45-50% plaque blockage in my left carotid vein & 25-30% in my right vein…. I was not only shocked but frightened! I am grateful my remarkably advanced Chiropractic Dr. recommended I immediately start taking CardioRenew oral Chelation drops to deplaque my body. I took the standard 6 wk program, Spring 07 & repeated this 6 wk plan, Spring 2008. This is the only change I made in my life healthwise from Feb. 07 through April 08. I repeated my Carotid ultrasound test & discovered the plaque reduction to be remarkably dramatic & miraculous!.. My left carotid vein which had been 45-50% blocked in 07 is now 5-10% blocked & my right vein which was 25-30% blkd shows 0% blockage as of April 2008! The Radiologist’s report, 4-08, says, No evidence of internal carotid artery stenosis (blockage)! And if this is not impressive enough, my father sadly died of a massive heart attack, with 90-95% heart vein blockage at only 72 yrs of age, therefore I decided to have (5-08) a heart CT Scan, (detailed x-ray) to ck the % of calcium deposits present in my heart, (the higher the % of cal. the higher the % of plaque..). This test result came back showing I have 0% calcium deposits in my heart veins! A remarkably low score for someone my age! CardioRenew is easy to take & deplaques the entire body safely, painlessly & symptom free. Thanks to your product my cardiovascular system is now in excellent condition & I have every reason to believe I will be able to control the future condition of this crucial system with periodic doses of CardioRenew’s Chelation drops! I have the scientifically sound #’s & test results to prove this!!….Thank you & keep up your profound work to educate the public about the non-invasive, ( i.e. no surgery needed..) way to greatly improve our health by deplaquing our cardiovascular systems. This product offers life-altering & saving results!!!

Mary C.

Hi! I just got the results of my nuclear stress test (first one since my three stents were put in last year), and not only did I achieve 150% of the predicted exercise capacity for my age and have no chest pain at peak exercise, the imaging showed no evidence of ischemia or scar. That last was underlined by my cardiologist with an exclamation point after. In other words, my heart is clear of blockage. So…when the doctor gets around to asking me what I’m doing that my heart is in such fine condition, I’m going to tell her about Cardio Renew. I’ve kept my mouth shut before because I was pretty certain they’d tell me not to take it. You know how doctors can get….if it’s cheap and it works and makes you all better without any expensive interventions on their part, it’s a no-no. However, I decided when the chest pains came back after the stents were installed that I needed to do something myself. That’s when I found your website and ordered my first batch of Cardio Renew. I’m on a maintenance dose now of 20 drops once or twice a day. I keep up with my Vitamins C and E, and so far, so good! Thanks a million for all your replies to my questions, also. The doctors should be so quick to respond! I feel really lucky to have found you!!

Jack J.

I have been on your product for 1 week and my angina is all but gone. I have 4 brothers who have all had heart attacks and I don’t want to be the next. Thank God and you for your product. It is so wonderful to know that there are options to blocked arteries other than invasive surgery that will benefit the surgeons’ savings account more than anything else.

Shirley M.

I had to let you know how much I appreciate this product. Thank You. There is no other product like it. I had extremely high amounts of mercury and lead and was close to dying. I have tried for 4 yrs to cleanse using many different products, and spent a fortune. My left leg was swollen 2′ larger than the other. I developed barrett’s esophagus, and asthma. My vision was very bad and I had fibromyalgia all through my body. So far I am on my second bottle of the foundation program and my leg is almost back to normal. I’m starting to feel normal again. I really believe without your product I would die from heart failure. I pray that the lord will bless you. My husband is now using your product too, as he has high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dallas S.

My name is Dallas, for the past 30 years Dr’s have told me that I was headed for problems with harding of the arteries and I needed to look into doing something about it. About 2 years ago I heard about Cardio-Renew and reading about it and how it had helped others I decided to give it a try. After a year I went in to have a pre-op surgery physical for knee replacement my the Dr. told me I had the heart of a 20 year old, being 63 years old that gave me the confidence that Cardio-Renew has been doing what is was supposed to do. I am thankful for your product. Thank You, Dallas

Bill B.

You may remember that I recently completed my first foundation program, with good results, and was very pleased. I sent you an email at the time indicating that. I also said that even though I hadn’t gotten the miraculous results I had found in some of your testimonials I was quite pleased. Well, the results I got may well have been much more miraculous than I at first realized. I believe I said that my wife had told me my color was better afterward; what she didn’t tell me was that I had gone from what she now calls a death pallor to something akin to normalcy! She says that in her opinion I had been rapidly weakening and she had begun wondering if I just wasn’t going to wake up one morning. She didn’t share those thoughts with me until just the other day. So, thanks for giving me my life back. That’s clearly enough of a miracle for me! I just thought you should know.

Stanwood O.

Before this first chelating process I had had a quadruple bypass, then 2 heart attacks, then 5 stents, then two roto routers (scaring) and then a nuclear burn out (RF seed for scaring). In combination or independently as per doctors orders; I have taken the past three years; coumadin, plavix, lipator, cozar, toporal, bottles of integral during attacks and of course pads of nitro. So as you see feeling a little better with EDTA was fine with me. Unfortunately I did not do the daily program after the initial treatment. This year April 2006 or so I started feeling notoriously over tired again. Must I do this regimented catherization, stents and drugs again?

Like most heart bypass patients, my memory is short but my wife says to me why not try that chelating again….I forgot all about EDTA. (something that I must live with….memory fuzzy). OK I do. I also notice / read that the doses can be increased (not quantity per day but strength of dose 16 for me). I’m ready to try. It was about week 4 or so into my second chelating program that one night I was just laying down in bed and for the first time in four years after my initial surgery…….I got a full breath of air. A full chest expansion. I did it again….. and could not believe…… the inner strength of the moment. My Lord what has happened. I did not tell the wife right away for I feared it wouldn’t last. So I did the whole program and went to the daily maintenance dosage (1/day 20 drops).

I told my wife in September 2006. I have the energy that I once lost, I have my full breath and I am not on any medication other than aspirin and vitamins. I am thinking of playing softball this next summer with the over 50 boys. I’m walking very briskly. I’d say it was a jog but my wife isn’t ready for that. Many thanks from me, my family and friends.

Brenda C.

Hi again All, I wanted to follow up on my progress with you. I have had a huge difference in the swelling in my ankles and hands and have better feeling in them now. Most of my headaches are gone as well and my fibromyalgia and arthritis are so much better too. My blood sugars are running lower as well and I require less insulin. I started the program on February 17, 2007 so it has progressed very quickly. Kind regards, Brenda (March 2, 2007)

Polly S.

I’ve been on Cardio Renew for 6 days and can hardly believe the improvements!! I was skeptical the day we ordered the product but having given up everything I enjoyed doing due to physical issues it was time to do something! I told my family that I wanted to try an alternative approach as it would only mean 6 weeks then I would agree to surgery if this did not work. It makes sense that blockages occur all over the body not just one area. In 6 days the foggy thinking is going away (the worst of all of this) and I feel like doing things again. I can plan on a future different than the one my parents have (being on 20 different meds a day to control their health issues). Thank you for making this product available and giving me what I need to get my life back. P.S. I have noticed, improved breathing, less muscle pain, my arthritis is not bothering me as it was, the circles under my eyes are all but gone, I need fewer naps, I think more clearly without 2nd guessing every decision, the bruise like pain along the deep varicose veins in my legs is gone, my skin color is better, I can even play with my dog again. I’m looking forward to completing this program and optimistic about my life again.

Barbara J.

I figured I was on my deathbed when I talked to you about Cardio Renew and figured I had nothing to lose, maybe allot to gain, by trying it. I went to my doctor who referred me to a heart specialist. I went in for a series of tests, which the physician did not share the results of, saying that I needed to be set up for an angiogram with the potential for angioplasty should a problem be found. I told him I’d read about EDTA, wanted to try it, he poo-pooed the idea and said surgery was necessary. Do that to me and I immediately launch into my I’ll try it anyway before I do anything mode. Knowing that roughly 1/4 million of these surgeries are performed each year unnecessarily, I tried the Cardio Renew with the promise to my family that if I didn’t feel better, I’d have the surgery done. I got on the 6 week regimen and after the first week, my symptoms started to abate. I was pleased and cautious at the same time. I began to feel better and better. After the initial 6 weeks passed, I merrily went to another cardiologist for a second opinion. I told him I’d taken the Cardio Renew, I didn’t want surgery. He did not poo-poo EDTA, and put me through a barrage of tests again. Results were that he saw no signs of blockage at all, found that enough blood was getting to my heart, for someone my age, and turned me loose! I went to my car and cried for joy. I thank you for making this wonderful product available to the general public… and I thank you from a clear heart! Blessings.

Bobby C.

Hi, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and thank God for my improvement since taking your product. In 1992 I had a double by-pass. Later that year, I was diagnosed as type 11 diabetic. In 2002 I had a stroke on my left side. I’ve heard about Chelation since 1990, and after getting your info via internet, decided to try it. I felt a difference the first day and am now in my 4th week! I couldn’t walk 1/2 block without pain before. Now, I’m pain free, my blood pressure is down, I have energy to burn, and my mind is getting sharper everyday. I don’t know how many times a day I find myself thanking God for this treatment, and for all of you at your company! I pray that He continues to prosper you as you realize who your source is! Thanks again for giving me a pain free, energized life. Ron

Roland B.

I have been struggling with high cholesterol for about 3 years now-as high as 292 at one point. Based on my family history of strokes and high blood pressure, my Dr. has been coaxing me to take the Cholesterol medicine. I have resisted, for the generally known reasons and have worked with diet and exercise. My success has been marginal at best. This visit he was getting more insistent coupled with the fact I was having odd symptoms of a racing heart and palpitations and being 53.

Fearing for the worst, I came upon your site. My gut reaction was that the real cholesterol concern centered around the arteries and plaque build-up. I figured I might be due for a cleaning. So I purchased the 6 week program about 5 weeks ago.

In the meantime, he also convinced me that it would be a good idea to have a new test, less invasive and more telling than a stress test: Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring Test. An MRI that can truly show the Calcification around the Heart and Arteries.

Mind you I took the test after 3 weeks on your program. Well he called yesterday shocked. The test showed I had 0.00% calcification. My heart is fine. He said Well based on these numbers your good for about 7 years. I’ll stop bothering you about the cholesterol medicine, apparently you’re fine. I almost cried on the phone……

I firmly believe that the 0.00 can only be attributed to Cardio Renew. My heartfelt (truly) thanks for a great product and great site. I learned a tremendous amount.

Ronald S .

I just wanted to inform you that I have been using Cardio Renew for 7 days and I already notice a big difference. I had to give up coffee (which I love), several months ago because it caused me to have chest pain, severe arrhythmias, and shortness of breath (very scary stuff!). I notice I can drink coffee now with no ill effects! I also have swelling in my left ankle which seems to be about 70% improved. I’m very grateful because severe coronary artery disease runs in my family – family members having and/or dying in their 30’s to 50’s from heart attacks or strokes (including the women) – I’m 48 years old. Even though I have all the symptoms of a major problem, I haven’t the courage to see a Dr. (though I should know better) because I just can’t bare the thought of needing surgery or stints. Since I work full time as a nurse, I need to stay in good health in order to have the energy and health to meet the heavy patient loads; also, who wants to have their life shorten! I’m very grateful for your product! Thank you and I agree with others from the testimonial page that the product is a gift from God. >/p>

Don W.>/p>

Frequently Asked Questions About EDTA Chelation Therapy


Almost all people can safely take Cardio Renew. Cardio Renew is a liquid, synergistic combination of amino acids. It is 100% liquid EDTA. Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and are required for proper healthy cell development. The body recognizes EDTA and finds it compatible.


Cardio Renew should not taken by anyone that currently has Liver or Kidney disease. Cardio Renew does not recommend that pregnant or lactating women use our product. Because Cardio Renew’s EDTA formula is Sodium based, people that are extremely sensitive to Sodium (i.e. salt) should monitor their blood pressure during the Program. Cardio Renew is NOT intended for use by children.


Cardio Renew is 100% liquid EDTA (Ethylene~Diamine~Tetra-acetic~ Acid). It is a proprietary blend of 3 types of Sodium based EDTA, which are all food-grade amino acids.


No. EDTA has a half life of approximately 40-45 minutes. This means that the EDTA is absorbed and completes its cycle throughout the entire body in about one hour. Extending the doses throughout the day means that the EDTA has a greater chance of saturating the cell walls for a longer period of time and diffusing the unwanted minerals and metals. If you were to increase the amount of EDTA and take all the doses within minutes of each other, it increases the chance of kidney toxicity and it shortens the time that the cell walls are exposed to the EDTA. This is why our program was designed accordingly, to maximize the benefits of the EDTA process and ensure you of a safe and effective chelation program.


No. Often misunderstood is the fact that stomach acidity has nothing whatsoever to do with the digestion of proteins, which all takes place via enzymatic reaction later in the duodenum, and that orally consumed Free Form Amino Acids are likewise not affected. In fact, the pH of the stomach when secreting HCL is generally around 3.0, which has absolutely no affect on the molecular bonds of Free Form Amino Acids (including EDTA) and thus, cannot and will not destroy them. All Free Form Amino Acids, including EDTA, need no digestive process to enter the bloodstream. They are already small enough molecules to enter the bloodstream immediately. Again, they are not, as mistakenly alleged by some, broken down or destroyed by the gastric processes.


That depends. Our 6 week Foundation Program is designed to provide the initial cleansing that most people call for. However, some customers that have excessive buildup or other severe circumstances may need to complete the Program again. It is important that after finishing the first 6 week program to take 1 week off and load up on a good daily Multi-Vitamin / Mineral Supplement before starting the second 6 week regimen. This will replenish your body with any required minerals that may have been chelated out, before starting the process again.


Yes. Because Cardio Renew is an amino acid, it is safe to take with most medications. Always wait 3 hours after taking your medication before taking Cardio Renew again. You should always consult with your Health Care Provider before adding any new supplement to your health regimen. Never stop or alter the use of your prescribed medication without first consulting with your Physician. Please review our Disclaimer.


To get the most benefit and best results from Cardio Renew EDTA chelation therapy products, we suggest that during the 6 week Foundation Program you take at least 1,000 mg of Vitamin C and 1,000 I.U. of Vitamin E daily. We suggest that Vitamins be in liquid, soft-gel or powder form. Spread this out by taking at mealtime. Also, drinking 6 – 8 glasses of filtered or mineral free water each day will help flush your system of the chelated material.


Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which serves as a key immune system nutrient and a potent free-radical fighter. The Vitamin C antioxidant neutralizes free radicals by donating one of their own electrons, ending a free radical chain reaction. With free radical production slowed, this allows the arteries time to heal.

Vitamin E a powerful antioxidant which sacrifices itself for the sake of your cells. Vitamin E helps prevent oxidation of lipoproteins which reduces stickiness of platelets in the bloodstream. Vitamin E keeps arteries flexible and elastic, allowing blood to flow freely.

Vitamin E acts much like Vitamin C by donating itself to a hostile free radical so it no longer acts as a threat. However, Vitamin E is more advanced. Once Vitamin E has given its services to your cells, it is regenerated by other substances, including Vitamin C, and goes to defend and protect other cells. This makes Vitamin C & Vitamin E very important during the chelation process.


No. We recommend that you refrain from heavy mineral intake during our 6 week program. Cardio Renew focuses on removing the minerals and metals that can contribute to plaque. If you take mineral supplements during the chelation process, the EDTA will remove the newly absorbed unbound minerals and not focus on the minerals contributing to the plaque. Basically, it would nullify the benefits of both the Minerals and the EDTA. We do suggest taking a good multi vitamin / mineral supplement after our 6 week program. This will replenish any minerals that were removed that the body requires.


Bulk Minerals Trace Minerals Other Minerals  Calcium Selenium Bismuth  Magnesium Iron Boron  Potassium Zinc Nickel  Phosphorus Copper Rubidium  Sodium Fluorine Silicon  Chlorine Iodine Strontium  Sulfur Cobalt Tellurium   Manganese Titanium   Molybdenum Tungsten   Chromium Vanadium 

Again, we recommend taking a good multi vitamin / mineral supplement after our 6 week program. This will replenish any minerals that were removed that the body requires.


Chelation is a process that takes time to successfully complete. To safely chelate the unwanted minerals and metals out of the body, you should not take more than 3 grams of EDTA per day. Although most people start to receive results early in our program, it is important to continue the regimen for the entire 6 weeks. Again, chelation is a process and requires time to safely and effectively cleanse the cardiovascular system.


No. Cardio Renew can also act as a blood thinner. If you are taking anti coagulants or blood thinners, you need to be aware that the combination of Cardio Renew and these medications could lower your blood pressure. You must always wait 3 hours after taking any medication before taking Cardio Renew.


Mix 14 drops of Cardio Renew with 2 oz. of mineral free liquid (i.e. distilled water, pure juice, etc.).


You must wait at least 1 hour between each servings or you can spread out the servings throughout the day. The goal is to complete all of the daily servings within a 24 hour period.


Foundation Program Maintenance Program  1st week 6 doses per day   Minimum 1 dose ~ 3 Days a week  2nd week 6 doses per day   Standard 1 dose ~ 7 Days a week  3rd week 5 doses per day   Maximum 2 doses ~ 7 days a week  4th week 5 doses per day        5th week 4 doses per day        6th week 4 doses per day       


You can safely take as many as 20 drops in a dose. If you experience stomach cramps or diarrhea, you have taken too much. Reduce your next dose by 2 drops.


Probably not. However, the objective of the program is not the number of days or weeks, the goal is to complete the 3 bottles (90 grams of EDTA). If you increase or decrease the number of drops per dose or doses per day, it will alter the number of days / weeks needed to complete the bottles. Again, the goal is to finish the 3 bottles.


Yes! Cardio Renew is highly concentrated. It must be mixed with a mineral free liquid. Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. Flush immediately with water if contact does occur.


If you cannot complete the full 6-weeks, we suggest the following:

• 3 weeks on Cardio Renew at the recommended doses. • 1 week off Cardio Renew and load up on your mineral(s). • 3 weeks on Cardio Renew to complete the recommended program. 

If you are currently deficient in a particular mineral and are aware that you require a daily mineral supplement, we suggest that you take it before going to bed. This is allows a longer time to absorb the supplement into your body. However, this may reduce the effectiveness of the Chelation process. Click here to view our recommended Foundation Program.

This package contains our enhanced 6 week Foundation Package of Cardio Renew Chelation Oral Therapy product plus 1 bottle of the Cardio Renew  Vitamins C & E Soft-Gels – supplements for inflammation and chelation.

This Oral Chelation program asks you to commit to 6 weeks at the following schedule:

1st week 6 doses per day 2nd week 6 doses per day 3rd week 5 doses per day 4th week 5 doses per day 5th week 4 doses per day 6th week 4 doses per day

Requires 3 bottles of Cardio Renew

1 dose = 14 drops mixed with 2 oz. (1/4 cup) of a mineral free liquid (eg. distilled water)

Each dose = 450 mg of EDTA

Chelation Oral Therapy Foundation Program Guidelines

  • You can take Cardio Renew Chelation Oral Therapy at 1 hour intervals or spread out the doses throughout the day.
  • Wait 10 minutes after taking Cardio Renew before drinking additional liquids.
  • Wait 1 hour after taking Cardio Renew before taking any other medications, supplements, food or consuming alcohol.
  • Always wait 3 hours after taking any medications or other supplements before taking Cardio Renew. Never stop or alter the usage of any prescribed medication or treatment without your Doctor’s knowledge and consent.
  • Take as many doses as possible on an empty stomach. Preferably 2 hours after eating a complete meal. Snacks wait 30-60 minutes.
  • Keep cap on tightly when not in use. Do not use if you have Liver or Kidney disease. Do not use if you are Pregnant or Nursing. Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes, flush immediately with water if direct contact does occur. Cardio Renew’s EDTA formula is Sodium based, people that are extremely sensitive to Sodium should monitor their blood pressure during the Program. Cardio Renew is NOT intended for use by children.   Please review our disclaimer.

Important measures to follow during the entire Program

  • Do not take Supplements containing Minerals (eg. calcium, iron, magnesium, etc.), including Multi-Vitamins.
  • Keep intake of dairy products to a minimum.
  • We recommend at least 1,000 mg of Vitamin C & 1,000 IU of Vitamin E daily. We suggest that Vitamins be a liquid or soft-gel and spread out over mealtimes.
  • Drink 6 – 8 glasses of water each day. Preferably distilled, filtered and/or mineral free water.
  • After completing the 6 week Foundation Program take a daily multi-vitamin / mineral supplement for at least 1 week before starting Maintenance or repeating the Program.


  • 100% Liquid EDTA (Sodium Based)
  • Each Serving = 450 mg (14 drops mixed with 2 oz of water)
  • Each Bottle = 30 grams EDTA ~ 1 Fl. oz. ~ 1000+ drops / 70+ Servings
  • All Bottles are the same size & contain the same EDTA Formula
  • Shelf Life – 2 years ~ Store at Room Temperature


Take a good multi-vitamin/mineral supplement for 1 week, then start Cardio Renew’s Maintenance Program.

Chelation Oral Therapy Products > Maintenance Pack

1 Bottle of Cardio Renew Chelation Oral Therapy

Minimum  1 dose ~ 3 days a week

Standard  1 dose ~ 7 days a week


Maximum 2 doses ~ 7 days a week

1 dose = 14 drops mixed with 2 oz. of a mineral free liquid

Guidelines for Chelation Oral Therapy Maintenance Programs

  • You can take Cardio Renew at 1 hour intervals or spread out the doses throughout the day.
  • Wait 10 minutes after taking Cardio Renew before drinking additional liquids.
  • Always wait 3 hours after taking any medications or other supplements before taking Cardio Renew. Never stop or alter the usage of any prescribed medication or treatment without your Doctor’s knowledge and consent.
  • Take a daily multi-vitamin/mineral supplement. Preferably at bedtime.

Do NOT use if you have Liver or Kidney disease or any condition affecting blood cells or the immune system. Do NOT use if you are Pregnant or Nursing. Cardio Renew is highly concentrated. You MUST mix Cardio Renew with 2 ounces of a mineral free liquid. Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes, flush immediately with water if direct contact does occur. Because Cardio Renew’s EDTA formula is Sodium based, people that are extremely sensitive to Sodium (i.e. salt) should monitor their blood pressure during the Program. Cardio Renew is NOT intended for use by children. Please review our disclaimer below.


Cardio Renew leaches the calcium out by dissolving it. This process does not cause it to break off. As it dissolves the calcium, it softens the hardened plaque and cholesterol and passes the chelated material out of your body through your urine. 


Very rarely are there any side effects. The following is a list of side effects, and how to treat them if you should experience them:

  • Headaches: This is generally from low blood sugar. Make sure you eat 3 meals per day. A good recommendation is to eat a semi ripe banana if this occurs.
  • Nausea or Upset Stomach: This may happen if you take too large of a dosage or you are taking your doses too close together. Reduce the number of drops per dose by 2 and schedule at least one hour between doses. You also may find relief by taking vitamin B6.
  • Diarrhea: Again, this can be caused by taking too much of a good thing. Reduce the number of drops per dose by 2 and schedule at least one hour between doses.
  • Feeling Light-Headed: This is generally due to a drop in blood pressure. You may feel this if you suffer from high blood pressure and your blood pressure is returning to a normal level as a result of EDTA chelation. Just rest for a hour or so and keep your feet elevated higher than your head. This will allow the blood to flow to the brain.
  • Extreme Fatigue: This is usually caused by a deficiency of the minerals magnesium, zinc and potassium. These are minerals that you may have chelated during therapy. You may require taking a potassium rich supplement. In addition, you should be eating bananas, grapes, peaches and potato skins. This will give you back the minerals that were removed by the EDTA.
  • Cramps: If you experience cramps, it is probably due to the lack of the mineral magnesium. Supplemental magnesium will relieve the cramping.


It depends are their current condition. The newest research indicates that both will show significant improvements from EDTA chelation. The liver and kidneys are the major filters of the blood system. They remove the toxic wastes and debris in your system. If these two systems are clogged with calcium or cholesterol, stones can develop and your system will not clean itself efficiently. If they are not clean and filtering properly, your system will keep circulating the debris and heavy metals. This causes plaque and hardening of the arteries. If your kidneys and liver are working properly, they will only benefit from Cardio Renew.

However, if you know or suspect you have kidney or liver disease we strongly recommend that you see your Doctor immediately. You should not take any EDTA based products if they are diseased, as EDTA could cause further damage.


All chelation therapy can be hard on your vitamin and mineral stores. However, it is safe, as it will not leach them out of your bones, teeth and cells. There is a reason for removing the toxic minerals that are causing your health concerns. EDTA chelation will remove the toxic metals as well as the unbound calcium and other minerals. The calcium in your bones, teeth and cells are bound. It’s only the metastatic or misplaced, unbound minerals that are removed through EDTA chelation. This unbound calcium is what is responsible for the creation of plaque in our arteries as well as the inflammation causing pain and discomfort in our joints. If you know your mineral deficiencies and need to take these supplements, we ask that you take them at bedtime. It’s best to take liquid supplements because of their high rate of absorption. If you take pills or capsules, it may take hours to be absorbed into your system. There is no reason to take a mineral supplement in close proximity to Cardio Renew. It would only waste the benefits of both. In taking Cardio Renew or any other products, too much of a good thing can cause issues. So, please take all medications, supplements, vitamins and etc. responsibly.


Each of us is different. Our needs differ also. Depending on the severity of blockage or pain and discomfort caused by inflammation, you can safely take Cardio Renew EDTA chelation therapy as often as 6 times a day. Our 6 week Foundation Program can help cleanse arteries and veins and get your circulatory system functioning properly again. Our Maintenance Program is suggested after the 6 weeks to keep you clear and avoid future build up again. Keep in mind, Cardio Renew can help clean arteries, but it is best afterwards to pay attention to your health. Never take the Cardio Renew 6 week Foundation Program back-to-back. After completing a 6 week Program, load back up on minerals to replenish any that were chelated out that the body requires. Please do not use Cardio Renew as a quick fix. It is always best to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Diet and Exercise

Two important components of a successful chelation program are diet and exercise. These elements are often over looked or not taken seriously enough during or after the chelation process. A balanced chelation diet and moderate exercise will increase the effectiveness of the chelation process and aid even more with the effectiveness of an improved circulatory system. By removing the unwanted build up metals and minerals in your body, the circulatory system becomes rejuvenated, it is also very important to maintain a healthy circulatory system to prevent future damage or relapse.

Chelation Diet

Fats there are ‘good fats’ and there are ‘bad fats’. The goal in controlling fat intake during or after chelation is reducing your total fat intake to 20% of you total daily caloric intake. Having the majority of this percentage in ‘good’ fat, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, forms is ideal, an example is to substitute an olive oil for other cooking fats. Avoiding fat on red and white meats and eliminating the skins on poultry is also a good way to cut out saturated ‘bad’ fats from your diet. Incorporating fish, lean red meats and skinless white meats is always a good choice for a healthy chelation diet. Fats are essential to a healthy chelation diet, in moderation, and when in the ‘good’ forms.


Sugars and Carbohydrates should be incorporated into the chelation diet in un-refined forms, this means substituting white rice, bread and pastas with brown rice and whole grain pastas and breads. The whole grain forms of carbohydrates are great sources of fiber which has been known to help lower cholesterol levels in the intestines. Whole grain forms of foods are also great sources of vitamins and minerals. These essential nutrients are mostly removed in the refined sources of carbohydrates. Vegetables, fruits, beans and nuts are great sources of complex carbohydrates and should be eaten with whole grain breads, rice and pasta, these two groups of carbohydrates should comprise of about 2/3 of the food you eat.


Some examples of good chelation diet foods that are high in fiber (cholesterol-lowering), are broccoli, cabbage, bananas, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples, prunes, lentils, celery, carrots, potatoes, bean-sprouts and green beans.

Protein and Eggs are usually considered to contain high amounts of fat or cholesterol. When consumed moderately and in the right form they can be of little danger in elevating the levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol. Eggs eaten in moderation, 3-4 eggs per week, is considered to be of no danger to most of us. Protein should be obtained through fish and skinless poultry. In non-animal forms it should be consumed by unsalted nuts, grains and beans. Ideally the vegetable forms of protein are the best for the heart, and the animal forms should be eaten in moderation.

Salt is one area that chelation participants should avoid or drastically reduce their intake on during a chelation diet, and in normal diet plans. Cardio Renew is a sodium based supplement and excessive salt intake in accordance to the program can increase blood pressure dramatically. Limit salt intake and avoid the additional use of table salt at the dinner table.

Alcohol and Coffee intake should be limited as part of the chelation diet. Drink alcohol in moderation. Having 1-2 glasses of red wine or 1 pint of beer a day has been known to improve cardiovascular functions, on the other hand alcohol has been proven to have negative effects on the liver. Excessive amounts of alcohol can be detrimental to the health. Coffee is best when drank in extreme moderation. Coffee’s high levels of caffeine have been known to raise cholesterol levels.

Exercise during Chelation Therapy… and after!

Exercise is a major part of a healthy lifestyle, and is something that should be a part of a daily routine. Aerobic exercise is something that should be a part of a healthy daily routine. Whether it is gardening, yard work, walking or cleaning, elevating your heart rate for over 20 minutes a day is good start for increasing your aerobic exercise capacity. By elevating your heart rate and using your muscles for a continuous 20 minutes each day, you are making your body more efficient in the way it burns calories and increases oxygen to those muscles used and throughout the body. This in turn benefits the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Exercise is also considered to be a natural source of chelation therapy. Muscles produce lactic acid, which circulates throughout the body chelating metals and other unwanted substances during exercise.

It is always best to consult with your own Doctor about starting a diet or exercise program for proper safety guidelines.


The statements made about our product have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information on this site is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any condition or disease.

These statements are not meant to replace the recommendations of your physician. You should always speak with your own health care provider before taking any dietary, nutritional or herbal supplements.

You should not use any information contained in our website to self-diagnose or treat any medical condition or disease. Do not alter or stop the usage of any prescribed medication without your Physician’s knowledge and consent. Every person is different and the way someone reacts to a particular product may be different from another.

Do NOT use if you have Liver or Kidney disease. Do NOT use if you are Pregnant or Nursing. Keep cap on tightly and away from children when not in use. Cardio Renew is highly concentrated. You MUST mix Cardio Renew with 2 ounces of a mineral free liquid. Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes, flush immediately with water if direct contact does occur. Because Cardio Renew’s EDTA formula is Sodium based, people that are extremely sensitive to Sodium (i.e. salt) should monitor their blood pressure during the Program. Cardio Renew is NOT intended for use by children.

Oral Chelation Product Information

Cardio Renew Liquid EDTA Chelation Product Information

  • 100% Liquid EDTA (Sodium Based)
  • Each Serving = 450 mg (14 drops mixed with 2 oz of water)
  • Each Bottle = 30 grams EDTA ~ 1 Fl. oz. ~ 1000+ drops / 70+ Servings
  • All Bottles are the same size & contain the same EDTA Formula
  • Shelf Life – 2 years ~ Store at Room Temperature



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