ADDVance Multivitamins (180 tablets)

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ADDVance Multivitamins

ADDVance-Multivitamin – 180s

ADDvance is a specialised range of products manufactured in Switzerland and formulated with Omega 3, Vitamins and Minerals to assist children with concentration problems.

ADDVance Multivitamins contains and provides a wide range of vitamins and minerals to supplement the diet without causing stimulation whilst assisting in improving memory and concentration . To help calm your child we have also added a touch of Chamomile.

There is nothing as rewarding for a parent as seeing your children flourish and reach their full potential. ADDVance Multivitamins provides kids with nutritional support so that they can perform at their best both mentally and physically every day.

Vitamin c, Folic Acid, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Selenium, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Magnesium, Zinc, Chamomile

Dosage and Directions
A multivitamin for all ages

1-4 years of age: Chew or swallow one tablet daily after food.
5-12 years of age: Chew or swallow 2(two) tablets daily after food.
Adults Chew or swallow 2(two) tablets daily after food

No artificial flavours. No colourants. No preservatives. Lactose free. Wheat, yeast and starch free

A parent who searches the internet for information on gifted children with ADD (ADHD) will find an array of confusing and contradictory information. The public’s stereotyped image of a child with ADD (ADHD) is typically a young boy who does poorly in school, who is impulsive, highly distractible, and often has behavior problems at home and at school. Given this negative image of ADD (ADHD), it’s no wonder that many articles argue against using this label for gifted students. One such article characterizes the child with ADD (ADHD) as having poor attention “in almost all situations,” with little ability to persist at tasks, a child who is impulsive, restless, and has difficulty obeying rules and regulations – in other words, a “bad” kid.

What many parents, and even many professionals, may not know is that our understanding of ADD (ADHD) has evolved significantly over the past ten to fifteen years. While there is certainly a subgroup of challenging children who function poorly at school and at home, there are many children with ADD (ADHD) whose behavior and performance bears very little resemblance to the difficult, disruptive child described above.

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