About Healthy Cells – Alternative Healing

Give your body the right tools to heal itself

During 2005, I was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and was medically boarded at the age of 42. Having had an active career till then had to find other ways to keep me busy and my friends suggested that I look into supplements that help “healing” or made their diseased lives better and more comfortable. (alternative healing)

We as a family started off small importing the supplements from the USA and with time realised that more and more individuals were looking for alternative healing with the result that more and more products were sourced and added to the website.

We started off with a few products and this has grown into many catering for most diseases.

Also a known fact that losing weight is a challenge for most, we have also included some of the latest products on the market today to assist individuals who needed the extra budge to kick start their weight loss venture.

The website has undergone changes to cope with new technology which can be viewed online.

All products on the website have natural ingredients and like all supplements it takes time to be absorbed by the body to show results.

Looking forward to a long and healthy relationship with all our clients!

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